Academics Disassembled: Opportunities in Digital Creativity and Mental Health

10:00am, Tue 22nd September 2020


After months of lockdown, media reports stress the impact recent events have had on mental health - especially in younger age groups - but also the new opportunities presented by emerging digital technologies. From serious games to triage diagnostics, digital tools look to have an increasingly significant role to play in diagnosing, ameliorating and servicing mental wellbeing.

This Academics Disassembled session, led by DC Labs under the Creativity theme, brings a round up of interesting research that is underway or recently completed. This will be an opportunity for researchers interested in the interface between digital tech and mental health to learn about ongoing research and resources at York, form interdisciplinary connections and discuss opportunities for future research and funding.

This event is currently only available to those who are able to register with a University of York email address - to register please click on the link in the sidebar.

If you are interested in this event, and have no University of York email address, please email