Interactive promotional video to illustrate interactive storytelling - project 4

Project Description

DCLabs are working in collaboration with the BBC to deliver a radically new form of internet-based TV, known as Object Based Broadcasting (OBB).  This new technology will allow video-based storytelling to become more flexible, responsive and interactive. It will also open up the potential for more game-like and immersive TV experiences.

As part of this ongoing project, we are looking for someone to help design and produce an interactive video-based production which will illustrate this new method of broadcasting and its potential to deliver new forms of interactive storytelling. We are exploring the different types of interactivity and responsiveness that could be realised through this new technology. The inspiration for this production will be drawn from a range of sources, including interactive television, responsive web design and video games. The production will be made available online and delivered using standard HTML5 technologies.

About you

You may have experience in film or TV production with an interest in game development, immersive theatre or interactive media. You might be a designer with skills in responsive web design that you would like to apply to interactive broadcast production. You might have produced interactive media projects and have knowledge and expertise on how this could be applied to future TV broadcasting. But, most importantly, you must be passionate about the new possibilities enabled through the convergence of games, storytelling, interactive media and broadcasting technologies. 

Number of places available


Required skills

The perfect candidate would have as many of the following skills as possible (minimum of 2 required):

  • Video production and editing skills
  • Experience in responsive design for web and/or mobile
  • Experience in producing interactive media projects
  • Knowledge of storytelling techniques in television and film
  • Experience in using game engine software (Unity or Unreal)
  • Software development skills in HTML5 - CSS and JavaScript


Davy Smith

Professor Marian Ursu

Dr Jon Hook

Dr Guy Schofield


How to Apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page at: