Dr Gavin Kearney

Department of Electronics
University of York

Gavin Kearney graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology in 2002 with an honors degree in Electronic Engineering and has since obtained both MSc and PhD degrees in Audio Signal Processing from Trinity College Dublin.

Throughout this time he has continued to work in the audio industry as sound engineer and producer. He joined the University of York as a Lecturer in Sound Design at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television in January 2011 and has since been appointed as a Lecturer in Audio and Music Technology at the Department of Electronics.

His work on 3-D audio has had significant industry support with project partners such as the BBC, Google and Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix.

His published work includes technical papers on spatial audio and surround sound, real-time audio signal processing, sound design, Ambisonics and spherical acoustics, interactive audio systems and recording and audio post-production technique development.

Gavin's expertise on spatial audio for virtual reality systems is used within various projects in the DC Labs and he also holds active EPRSC, AHRC and industry funded projects on improving spatial audio experiences within games, film, television and interactive media.