Dr Nicole Beale

Department of Archaeology
University of York

Nicole has a background working in the cultural heritage sector, as an archaeology curator and as a specialist in digital technology implementation for museums.

She is an archaeologist with several years’ experience in field archaeology and has a research interest in Early Modern archaeology, particularly the relationship between archaeological research and public consumption of the past. Nicole works with locally focused arts and culture organisations, and is interested in supporting the implementation of co-designed interventions for engaging with archaeology and heritage. She has been involved in exhibition design, staging, and evaluation since 2004.

Her most recent work has focused on the development of participatory methodologies for community archaeology, and she is currently developing tools for use by community groups to record, analyse, and interpret archaeological material culture. Nicole is also working with the National Trust and Durham University to roll-out guidelines for embedding archaeological practice into interpretation and programming at outdoor heritage sites across England and Wales.

The Digital Narratives in Archaeology Research (DiNAR) project aims to develop approaches to university-museum partnership working, and has recently launched an interactive VR experience at Yorkshire Museum as part of the British Museum and York Museums Trust exhibition, Viking: Rediscover the Legend. Nicole is working with partners from several cultural heritage organisations and higher education institutions to design and implement impact activities from this research.