Emma Cowling


Emma was instrumental in securing funding for DC Labs (and sister project IGGI). Taking on the manager role for DC Labs from its creation in 2015, she worked with the team to create the culture of openness and welcoming that exists in DC Labs today, helping the researchers to overcome disciplinary boundaries, encouraging collaboration and ensuring they push themselves to work with partners to make sure their research is used. 

Her vision was for DC Labs provided an easy way for SMEs in the creative industries to engage with research, helping them navigate the politics and mazes that exist within all universities to connect them to academics who want to get their research used. She made a start... 

In early 2019 Emma left to set up her own business as a coach and facilitator, delivering workshops and support for DC Labs on occasions as well as pointing the people she works with to the fantastic DC Labs team when they want to do some R+D. She loves working with a wide range of people with different perspectives, developing situations to bring them together to create new and innovative ideas.

She is a Women in Games Ambassador (the first in Yorkshire) and always keen to hear suggestions about how to encourage more diversity in the sector.