Prof Jim Austin

Department of Computer Science
University of York

Jim Austin has worked at the University of York Computer Science Department for over thirty years, and has published over 300 papers and reports during that time. As Professor of Neural Computing, and leader of the Advanced Computer Architectures group he undertakes research in theory, algorithms and computer architectures inspired from neuroscience, a research area in which he is considered a world-leading figure.

Jim also leads the spin-off companies Cybula Ltd (Analytics company) and Cool Computers Ltd. (computer systems company).

Jim's passion for computers and tracking the evolution of technology is captured in his extensive computer collection in the Computer Sheds museum, where he houses not only a nostalgic collection of computer games as well as some of the worlds first supercomputers. 

Jim provides his expertise on data analytics and computer architectures to a number of DC Labs projects and is working closely with the Digital Heritage team to develop ways to tell the stories of the amazing technology in his museum.