Prof Simon Colton

Computer Science
Falmouth University

Simon Colton is a Professor of Digital Games Technologies at Falmouth University and a part-time Professor of Computational Creativity at Goldsmiths College. He holds an EC-funded ERA Chair, leading the Games Research Opportunities project, and an EPSRC Leadership Fellowship.

He is an AI researcher specialising in questions of Computational Creativity — getting software to autonomously create artefacts of real value in interesting ways. He has published nearly 200 papers and his research has won national and international prizes.

He is most well known for the software he has written and co-written to make mathematical discoveries; paint pictures; make games and generate fictional ideas. He’s also known for his philosophical and theoretical contributions to Computational Creativity, in particular driving forward the assessment of creative software via what it does, rather than what it produces.

Along with co-founder Rob Saunders, Simon has set up a startup company called “MetaMakers Ltd” to commercialise the potential of Computational Creativity software. Their first offering will be fluidic games for iOS devices, where the boundary between game making and game playing is blurred, and entire casual games - with new game mechanics - can be created in minutes entirely on a mobile phone. They are currently exploring the educational potential of these games, and they hope to democratise game design so that anyone and everyone can make fun and engaging games, supported by co-creative software.