A Personalised Interactive Documentary about Data Ethics - project 3

Project Description

We live in a world that is becoming ever-more data rich, with our devices and the organisations we interact with on a daily basis collecting increasing amounts of information about us. Previous research suggests that if people can be empowered to understand more of this data, then they can make better-informed decisions about aspects of their lives and the way their communities are run. However, current approaches for engaging the public with data have been shown to be difficult to use or uninspiring for many people.

This project will contribute to the initial development of a new research area that aims to address this challenge, by exploring how personalised video stories can be used to provide accessible, informative and pleasurable ways for the public to engage with data. The internship project would support the development of research in this area by creating a first prototype that shows how a personalised video story could engage the public with the risks of sharing data online. This would be achieved by creating one or more short vignettes that use each viewer’s own data to provide a personalised, and therefore impactful, illustration of data privacy risks described by experts in interviews (footage that already exists for exploration in the project).

By analysing the process of producing this prototype during the internship, the intern will develop initial insight into storytelling techniques for personalised data presentation and how such stories can be created from a technical perspective. The prototype will also provide a valuable illustration of the concept of personalised video stories for data engagement, which can be used to attract research and industry interest in this new and exciting research area.

Number of places available


Required skills

Software development experience in either Unity3D or HTML5 (required)

Basic video production and editing skills (required)

Basic knowledge of storytelling techniques in television and film (preferable)

Knowledge of user-experience design and evaluation techniques (preferable)


Dr Jon Hook

Professor Marian Ursu

Davy Smith


How to Apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page at: http://www.digitalcreativity.ac.uk/dclabs-summer-school-scholarships-2017