AI Futures

What do we actually want from AI and related digital technology?

How could AI make lives happier and in what ways?
What does the future look like where we have that?
What does this feel like at an individual level?

AI is ubiquitous and it can change the world but such changes could be profound. The AI Futures project investigates the impact of AI on the future of humanity, and ultimately aims to find ways to achieve desirable outcomes.

The challenge we face is that whilst the benefits of AI for humanity are vast, concerns and fears arising from stories about AI in the media and science fiction are often dominant in the publics’ perceptions.

Can we do better than killer robots?

Whilst critically exploring the challenges posed by the growth of AI both in real-life and in science fiction, AI Futures aims to optimise our awareness of the positive impact of AI and the future of humanity by gathering truthful positive narratives.

This interdisciplinary project working across social science and computer science aims to gather and analyse qualitative data through interviews with leading academics, decision makers and thought-leaders in order to explore expert views, experiences and understanding of AI which ultimately help to inform policy and the identification of potential avenues for future, socially beneficial AI research.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project or expressing your future vision for AI, join the conversation on Twitter @labsofdc #AIFutures.