The DiNAR Project investigates the use of mixed reality and game dynamics for the interpretation of cultural heritage.

In collaboration with cultural heritage institutions we are developing sustainable strategies for the real-world use of emerging mixed reality technologies. In addition to these practical considerations we are also involved in the development and creative application of new media forms including immersive performance, spatial audio and environmental storytelling. 

The project has begun with a Centre for Digital Heritage (CDH) funded pilot study in which the Universities of York and Uppsala are developing and evaluating prototype systems which enable visitors to both cities to engage with a shared Viking heritage. The work is being undertaken within the DC Labs in collaboration York Museums Trust, The University of Sheffield and other partners from the Heritage industry.

At Uppsala the project is being led by Daniel Lawenborg (Department of Archaeology and CDH) with participation from Anna Granberg (Uppsala University Innovation). At The University of Sheffield work is being undertaken by Dawn Hadley.