Gaming Grammar

In collaboration with leading UK foreign language teachers, researchers at the Digital Creativity Labs are working on the development of a digital game to support primary school learners’ (aged 8 to 11) foreign language grammar learning.

The project was developed in response to the severe shortage of research- and evidence-based resources for foreign language grammar teaching and learning at this level.

The game utilises form-function mapping, a research-based teaching approach, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated in numerous state-of-the-art applied linguistics studies, including those conducted by Dr Emma Marsden and Dr Rowena Kasprowicz (DCLabs, Dept. of Education).

The game will provide a highly effective and motivating teaching and learning tool, enabling pupils to engage in more autonomous learning in a linguistically rich environment, whilst simultaneously allowing teachers to efficiently track their learners’ progress through the aggregation of key gameplay data.

Get involved

Please email Rowena Kasprowicz if you would like to be updated about the progress of the project. We are currently looking for primary schools who would like to take part in an evaluation of the game in Spring / Summer 2017. If your school currently teaches French in (at least) Years 5 and 6 and are interested in being involved, please email to find out more.