MutatorVR and Organic Art VR

Organic Art VR surrounds the viewer and places them inside strange evolving forms resembling sea anemones, ancient ammonites and multi-horned organisms with which they can interact. The forms the viewer sees are reminiscent of those one might encounter in an alternative alien evolution.

Bred and crossbred in software from multiple parents, Organic Art’s bizarre forms are created by a process of artistic evolution driven by human aesthetics. The aim of Organic Art VR is to give viewers a surreal and immersive experience in which they shape the world around them.

Organic Art VR derives from the pioneering work of William Latham and mathematician Stephen Todd in the late 1980’s. The current work to create a fully immersive experience, funded by DC Labs, is being undertaken at Goldsmiths, by William, Lance and Stephen and was shown at the New Scientist Live event on the 22nd - 25th September 2016. 

Future plans include bringing in team from elsewhere in DC Labs to apply AI and Machine Learning to target the growth of particular shapes.