Participatory Production of a Non-linear, Interactive Film about Mental Health (Summer School 2019)

Researchers in the DC Labs are exploring whether interactive film could open up a space of  opportunities for participatory films on mental health that allow multiple voices and complex representations to coexist. Previous research has already deconstructed a linear film that was co-created by participants with lived experience of mental health problems. DC Labs researchers are now planning to start work with participants to create a non-linear, interactive film about experiences of mental health. This film will use the Cutting Room, a tool developed within the DC Labs Object-based Storytelling project as a technology platform. Cutting Room allows the creation of complex non-linear film structures, where content can respond in real time to viewers’ circumstances and preferences. The successful candidate for this project will collaborate with DC Labs researchers on working with pre-edited clips and other audio-visual materials in Cutting Room towards implementing the non-linear structure of the film.

The candidate will primarily take on the role of software engineer. As a successful candidate you will work closely and collaboratively with DC Labs researchers on the coding aspects of the project. 

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Simona Manni for more information.

Required skills

  • [Essential] Programming in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • [Desirable] Basic knowledge of video editing processes
  • [Desirable] Knowledge of Adobe Premiere 

How to apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page here.


Simona Manni
Jonathan Hook
Marian Ursu