A Stealth Game For Visualising Artificial Intelligence - project 1

Project Description

The goal of this project is to build a 3rd person stealth game in Unity to visualise the decision-making process of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms pioneered by researchers in the Digital Creativity Labs.

The team recruited will build a game in which the goal is to reach certain objectives/locations in a given level without being seen by enemy agents; an AI to control the enemies in the game; and a visualisation tool that is able to show the inner workings of the AI while playing.

The game developed will be used for both our future research on AI for games, as well as for demonstrating our algorithms to industry partners. Furthermore, we believe the visualisation of the AI decision making whilst a player is playing may lead to novel game mechanics that we may explore later in the summer once the initial prototype is   functional.

For this project we are seeking students with experience in the following skillsets:

  • Game programming experience in Unity;
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games;
  • 2D / 3D graphical asset design.

Required Skills

1 student with experience coding games in Unity for coding game logic and mechanics.

1 student with experience in Game AI for coding the enemy agents.

1 student with a design background and experience in creating 2d and/or 3d assets for creating the visualisation of the AI's decision making and graphical assets for the game

How to Apply

For more details on the summer school application process (including eligibility and funding) please see the overview page at: http://www.digitalcreativity.ac.uk/dclabs-summer-school-scholarships-2017


Dr Sam Devlin

Dr Hendrik Baier

Professor Peter Cowling

Dr Florian Block

Dr Sebastian Deterding