Published 24 June 2020

Looking back on lockdown, by Claire Boardman

My working day in lockdown started very much the same way as it did before.

This is all down to our Development Lead, Nick Sephton’s inspired decision to replicate the DC Labs physical layout in Discord, complete with coffee machine and meeting rooms, and not rather surprisingly, one of the many game worlds it could have been! 

I must admit to taking this a bit for granted until I think about the support that continuity has provided, especially during those early weeks of lockdown when everything was up in the air and quite unnerving.

I knew that my colleagues, regardless of their current roles, are all experts in their area of work, but I had no idea how much artistic talent we had in the team whether drawing, photography, music or why had it taken a pandemic to see this. 

This made me think about ‘who’ we take to work each day and question why don’t we take our ‘whole selves’? As my colleague Jenn Chubb commented after a round of online skills/experience sharing, “no one is just an ‘insert field’ person.”

When we do eventually return to our physical offices, and I’ve weaned myself off talking in emojis (do I have to?), I hope we keep meeting for Thursday ‘Coffee Hour’, adding to our ‘Art Attack’ gallery and bringing our ‘whole selves’ to work. 

As for me, despite all this inspiration and quite unexpectedly, growing flowers has become my creative practice in lockdown. I’ve also learnt a new word, ‘yardening’, for those of us with only a few square metres of outdoor hard surface to call our own. 

Held up a little due to the national soil shortage, I now have ten pots of flowers in various stages of growth and am thinking about branching out into fruit and veg!