Published 19 July 2021

Summer School Spotlight

The DC Labs summer school provides an exciting opportunity for students to work with academics and developers at the cutting edge of digital creativity research.

Now in its sixth year, the 2021 summer school involves 10 students working on 10 diverse projects spanning music, AI, interactive storytelling, healthcare, and much more.

Over the next eight weeks, our Summer School Spotlight will delive into life as an intern at DC Labs, featuring student profiles, project updates, and blogs.

We'll also be sharing updates from two other summer schools with strong links to DC Labs, namely the YorRobots Venebels and AAIP (Assuring Autonomy International Programme) summer intern programmes.

Summer 2021 looks set to be a creative one and so without further ado, please meet the first three students from this year's DC Labs cohort - David Merriman, Nancy Qing Xia, and Kartik Kumar Tokala.