Published 19 July 2021

Summer School Spotlight: David Merriman

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m from Derby and I’ve just finished my second year as an undergraduate studying electronic engineering with music technology systems at the University of York.

I’m into music and play guitar in an indie rock band with people I met in school, although we’ve not played for a while due to the pandemic. We’re mainly based in Derby and a little in Sheffield. I’ve played guitar for most of my life and more recently have also started playing drums and bass.

Why did you apply to join the DC Labs summer school?

The project I applied to work on (Architexture IV) links in really well with my degree course and with my interests outside of my degree. I was looking for work experience over the summer and thought that this project would be perfect. Not only is it a really interesting subject but I think it will set me up well, both for my future years at university and my subsequent career. Also, the idea of contributing to real life research is really exciting. 

Tell us about the project you’re working on

The Architexture project is a collaboration between the departments of Electronic Engineering and Music. The team has already developed a prototype app for live performance that allows the user to change the acoustic environment they hear the performance in.

My role on the project involves working to adapt the prototype app to a standalone application that could be accessed virtually from any location. The app will allow the listener to mix their own auditory experience of music performance. At the moment we’re exploring different options for development as there are many different routes that we could go down.

What would you like to achieve this summer?

The idea of building something tangible is a great prospect. As a student you might create something but it serves as an experiment, rather than anything that will be used. Here, I’m going to be part of creating something that is going to be utilised, and enjoyed by many people.

And what are your first impressions of DC Labs?

Although everything is running online again this year, I’ve been made to feel very welcome. Everything is so well set up and it’s nice to feel part of a community.