DCIC 2022

The Digital Creativity, Industry and Culture conference (DCIC 2022) took place on 20 September 2022 as a forum for researchers and practitioners to share insights on the impact of interactive, immersive and artificially intelligent technologies on creative practices and the industries, societies and cultures through which they emerge. DCIC aimed to create a sense of shared multi-disciplinary identity and foster new interdisciplinary links, by combining three interconnected perspectives:

  • technology-driven creative practices and technology advancements driven by creative practices
  • working practices and economic development in the creative and cultural industries 
  • digital culture and society 

DCIC brought together researchers from a variety of disciplines across STEM, arts and humanities, and the social sciences. Researchers and practitioers gave short presentations that exposed thought-provoking aspects concerning digital creativity, industry and culture, including: 

  • new user experiences
  • new forms of content and artistic expression
  • new forms of mediated interaction beyond entertainment
  • audience insights 
  • new authoring tools, creative processes and production workflows
  • content distribution architectures and systems
  • virtual and real-time production, approaches and working practices
  • industry responses to new immersive technologies and media
  • skills gaps and training needs
  • EDI implications in the creation, distribution and consumption of digital media
  • politics, inequalities and power relations of technology innovations and digitalisation
  • interactive and immersive technologies in relation to activism and political discourse
  • digital technologies and well-being
  • utopic and dystopic futurisms for a digitally mediated world. 

The conference format was designed to maximise the potential for crossing disciplinary boundaries and encouraging multi-disciplinary connections and debates. Each conference session was curated in such a way as to include related complementary contributions from each of the three perspectives mentioned above as well as a fair distribution of topics across academic research and industry R&D and practice. 


  • Attendance is free.
  • The conference will take place in-person at the University of York. Please do not hesitate to get in touch about any questions regarding accessibility requirements or requests.
  • Filmed presentations will be accepted. The plenary sessions will be live-streamed.
  • Presentations: max 7 minutes each. The presentations should be rooted in existing research, while being challenging and thought provoking.
  • Sessions will be curated to bring together related papers that provide perspectives from different disciplines to maximise cross-disciplinary dialogues and debates.
  • Parallel streams will be linked through plenary panels and discussions
  • All the presenting authors will be encouraged to submit their presentation for publication on the conference web page prior to the conference day. A list of possible publication formats will be later circulated (e.g. slide deck, text, video recording, etc.) 
  • Selected presentations will be invited to be written as articles for publication in an edited book. 
  • Those selected for presentation will be automatically registered as participants at the conference.

Submission guidelines 

The deadline for submitting an abstract has now passed.


The School of Art and Creative Technologies at the University of York - a collaboration between the Department of Music and the Department of Theatre, Film, TV and Interactive Media.

Digital Creativity (DC) Labs 

XR Stories, the Yorkshire Creative Cluster Partnership

Screen Industry Growth Network (SIGN)


For any enquiries please contact enquiries@digitalcreativity.ac.uk