Digital Creativity Labs, in collaboration with the IGGI Centre for Doctoral Training is investing over £1m in esports-related research, drawing on a world-leading, multi-disciplinary team of scientists from across Artificial Intelligence, Game Design, Game Analytics, TV production, Interactive Storytelling, Human Computer Interaction, Data Visualisation, Learning Science, Sociology and Psychology.

Following an impact-driven research agenda, we closely work with leading partners in esports to conduct industry-aligned research and to produce deliverables that are widely applied. If you are in the esports industry, and would like to explore potential collaboration, please reach out to us at

We have active PhD students conducting research on esports and continuously offer opportunities for fully funded PhD studentships in esports and other games related areas – please see the IGGI website for information. We also work closely with the Departments of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media (TFTI), as well as the Department of Computer Science to offer undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in esports.

Please approach us if you are a current or prospective student in either department, and are interested in individual projects. If you are a student and are interested in studying a programme related to esports, please see the TFTI website.

Image © ESL/Helena Kristiansson