Foundations of Digital Games 2019

9:00am, Mon 26th August - 5:00pm, Fri 30th August

San Luis Obispo, California, USA

Foundations of Digital Games is a major international "big tent" academic conference dedicated to exploring the latest research in all aspects of digital games. FDG is usually held in Europe or North America once a year. FDG 2018 was held in Malmo, Sweden.

FDG 2019 is held in cooperation with ACM and ACM SIG AI, SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI.

Contact general chair Foaad Khosmood (foaad at calpoly dot edu) with any questions.

The theme for FDG 2019 is “building blocks”. The phrase can be parsed in multiple ways and lends itself to an interesting play on concepts, with tie-ins to game assets, game studies, game design, game AI and architecture. It is in part inspired by Berlin Block Tetris, a short rhetorical animation by freelance art director and motion designer Sergej Hein. Hein’s work brings together games, architecture, economics and politics in a playful manner.

Digital game assets and spritesheets often involve blocks that provide the components of game art. Blocks are also used as stand-in art for prototyping game controls and collision detection. Blocks are used as abstractions to convey ideas and algorithms in game AI. Digital game production is an interdisciplinary endeavor, built with essential ingredients from many fields such as art, programming, sound, music, storytelling and drama.

'But we are not just components and ingredients, we also build these ourselves! “Building blocks” also celebrates the creators, be they developers, designers, curriculum builders, or knowledge producers. We are the community and we also build the community, actively and continuously, through our actions, education and outreach.'

DC Labs are pleased to be involved:

Proceedings chair: Sebastian Deterding

Co-Chair: Player modeling, game analytics and visualization track: Anders Drachen,