Gaming Grammar at TEDx University of York; Let the Games Begin

Have you ever heard the saying 'life is a game'? Watched 'Game of Thrones' or 'House of Cards'? Played the 'Game of Life' or lost £5 playing Poker with your friends? Played video games, board games, card games? Followed the Olympic Games or taken part in athletic competitions? Thought about mind-games and influencing people?

At TEDxUniversityofYork, we will explore the realm of games and dive deep into these topics. Let the Games Begin!

TEDxUniversityofYork are hosting their 2017 conference, themed "Let the Games Begin!". The event features seven live speakers, two pre-recorded TED talks and a break with activities.

DC Labs' Rowena Kasprowicz will be presenting her work through Gaming Grammar, the game she has created to teach 8-9 year olds French.  This language-learning game is different to other games currently available as it focuses on learning and improving grammar skills rather than primarily concentrating on vocabulary.

The event is by invitation only.

Dixon Drama Studio, Wentworth College, University of York