Mutator VR on show at Buddhist Temple in Kyoto

9:00am, Mon 1st January 2018

Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto

DC Labs' MutatorVR will be on display at Kennin-ji Temple, Kyoto in March as part of the Art Innovation conference.

Prof William Latham will talk at the conference about the history of his pioneering Mutator art, which was used to develop the immersive VR experience through DC Labs. Consisting of Mutation Space and Vortex, and based on evolutionary artwork of William Latham and Stephen Todd from the late 1980s, they immerse the viewer in a multitude of alien worlds with evolving forms resembling sea anemones, ancient ammonites and multi-horned organisms with which they can interact. Bred and crossbred in software from multiple parents, the bizarre forms are created by a process of artistic evolution driven by human aesthetics. The aim is to give viewers a surreal and immersive experience in which they shape the world around them.

MutatorVR continues to evolve, with discussions ongoing with the AI experts in DC Labs around the use of machine learning algorithms to assist with the large-scale multidimensional parameter spaces common to procedural content generation. The outcome is to make it easier to set up and control the growth of the evolutionary forms and new ideas, to create a shared interactive VR space where two people collaborate to create the experience.