MutatorVR at East Gallery

Following the success of the Organic Art VR exhibition at the New Scientist Live in September, we told you last time that Professor William Latham was taking his work to exhibit at the University of The Arts, Norwich (NUA).

Dr Caroline Fisher, Curator of the East Gallery, NUA said:

‘The exhibition has brought in a whole new audience to our gallery and is the best attended exhibition we have held in our new space. People walking by can see others using the VR headsets and come in to have a try themselves.

On a busy Saturday we have had dozens of people in the gallery at any one time and it has been great to watch people using the VR and being delighted by it. The screens on the side of the ‘booths’ are helpful to get a sense of what someone is experiencing and the textiles and cushions in the space have made the entire gallery into a Mutator VR installation where people seem to feel very relaxed.

It’s wonderful to have worked with William and his team to create an exhibition with such wide appeal.’

Computer art in virtual reality was created by artist William Latham with mathematicians and software developers Stephen Todd and Lance Putnam.  East GalleryNUA is the first art gallery venue worldwide to exhibit Mutator VR, a new Virtual Reality installation using original software modelled on the processes of evolution. Mutator blends organic imagery with state-of-the-art, real-time computer animation to create a highly immersive and original audience experience. 

The exhibition runs until 14 January 2017 so there is still time to see it.

East Gallery at NUA, Norwich