MutatorVR at HYBRIS, monsters and hybrids in contemporary art, Venice

Mutator VR will be on show at the Hybris Exhibition (Hybrids and Monsters in Contemporary Art) in Venice curated by Cyland (Russia).

Opening Night: Friday May 12 @ 18:00
Show Open: May 13 to June 28

Address: Cà Foscari Zattere, CULTURAL FLOW ZONE Zattere, Dorsoduro 1392, 30123 Venice. Boat stop: Zattere

Artist: William Latham
Software: Stephen Todd and Lance Putnam
Additional Software: Peter Todd
Production Designer: Darren Cleary

Mutator VR allows the user to take part in the experience by granting interactive control of the forms, system dynamics, and environment. The virtual scenes are entirely procedurally generated from mathematical rules and can be morphed continuously from one to the next. This means each experience of Mutator VR is truly unique and the user is free to explore an endless array of unseen and unheard worlds.


Cà Foscari Zattere, Venice, Italy