'Uni-Mersity Challenge' Hackathon

10:00am, Sat 10th April - 10:00pm, Sun 11th April


(Ice-breaker and team-building sessions from 6pm Friday 9th April 2021)

Over the weekend of 10 and 11 April 2021, join us in the WebVR metaverse where we’ll be bringing together interdisciplinary researchers and digital theatre practitioners for a virtual hackathon, the ‘Uni-Mersity Challenge’.

The aim of the hackathon? To set up an immersive musical theatre performance space in a WebVR platform over the course of just 48 hours! 

Guided by expert mentors from universities and theatre groups across the UK, Europe and the USA, participants are challenged to stage three scenes from a new musical adaptation of Karel Čapek’s iconic play, R.U.R  live musical performance in WebVR.

Organised by TFTI PhD researchers Daniel Lock, Kate Valentine and Mary Stewart-David, and headed by DC Labs own Nick Sephton, the hackathon is funded by a collaborative grant by the Humanities Research Centre

Who’s involved

From DC Labs/TFTI: Mary Stewart-David (event leader), Jon Hook, Daniel Lock, Nick Sephton, Kate Valentine, Andrew Walter, Ella Eyre

Plus a host of experienced Mentors from University of York and around the globe including:

  • Liam Maloney (University of York, Music)
  • Chris Follows & Kristina Thiele (ArtsXR/UAL)
  • Vivian Belosky (UX, Performance)
  • Brendan Bradley (Scrappy Storyteller/Future Stages)
  • Dr Helena Daffern (University of York)
  • Rebecca Evans (XR Producer)
  • Liz Filios (Musical Theatre Performance and Composition)
  • Chris Follows (ArtsXR/DMC/UAL)
  • Ian Garrett (York U, CA)
  • Daniel Ghezzi (Performance)
  • David Gochfeld (XR Theatre creator/NYU)

How to apply

The hackathon has now finished.