VR Trends with Aki Järvinen

Interested in how the VR games landscape is evolving? This 20-minute talk gives you an opportunity to hear about fresh data regarding published VR titles. Aki Järvinen introduces his approach into studying VR both from game design and business angles. You will get a peek into interesting data points regarding division of game genres in VR, the potential of social in VR, and more.

Taster: http://www.thevirtualreport.biz/interviews-and-opinion/64145/presence-is-the-new-frontier-of-vr-game-design/

To find the room, search "CSE/082" in the Campus Map: https://www.york.ac.uk/about/maps/campus/ 


Aki Järvinen, Ph.D., is an experienced game professional and academic. Since 2002, Aki’s career has included a number of mobile and online game studios. He also has a doctoral dissertation on game studies. From the beginning of 2016, Aki returned to the academia with focus on building Game Futures, a research and consulting initiative where the aim is to build a set of tools for forecasting future directions of game products and services. As case studies, his research is currently focusing on VR and AR.

University of York, Computer Science, CSE/082