Peter Cowling at TEDx York

'AI Might Kill Us, But What if AI was Delightful?' | Peter Cowling | TEDxYork 

AI is here. AI is making decisions about which ads to show you in Google, which friends to show you on Facebook, whether to reject your credit card transaction, whether a photo has your face on it...

There are naysayers of doom all around. Hollywood thinks killer robots will finish us off, or a "thoughtless" superintelligent AI will squish us as we might squish a bug. International figures like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking talk of existential risk. But, what if we could design a delightful AI?

One that surprises and challenges us like a good friend. One that presents us with useful opportunities and suggestions as to how we might enjoy our time, without trying to make a fast buck. One that connects us with interesting compatible people, who can enrich our lives.

Maybe, while we still have control, we should be thinking about and creating such a delightful AI.