Published 29 March 2017

Call For Contributions: Design of Reconfigurable TV Experiences Workshop

DC Labs, in collaboration with OpenLab and the BBC, are hosting a one-day workshop on Saturday 10 June 2017, on the design of reconfigurable TV experiences at DIS 2017

Digital media convergence now enables the delivery of interactive and social, non-linear, televisual experiences at a publicly consumed level. The seamless communication afforded between devices and smart environments allow for the production, sharing and presentation of television to be explored in new and innovative directions. There is now the ability for the introduction of more interactive, non-linear, and social experiences in broadcasting at a professional level. However, their design and implementation beyond the confines of small-scale research test-cases, is still relatively unexplored.

We invite academics, practitioners and designers to submit a 2-4 page position paper (in CHI ACM Extended Abstract Format), a 3-5 minute video, or 2-4 page pictorial on topics which will inform the design this rich space. Suggested areas may include: 

  • Workflows and Tools
  • Personalisation 
  • Multi-Platform Consumption and Control 
  • Intelligent Systems

The deadline for applications is 24th April 2017. Further details about the event and the application process can be found at