Published 17 June 2020

DC Labs at IMX 2020

A DC Labs study received the Best Paper Award at this month’s ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences (IMX). DC Labs also presented a second paper at the conference, highlighting the depth of IMX research taking place in the multidisciplinary team.

IMX is the leading conference for the presentation and discussion of research into interactive media experiences. The conference, which took place online this year, brings together international researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines.

DAX – Data-driven audience experiences in Esports received the Best Paper Award and presents a large scale study of data-driven audience experiences. Within this study, researchers undertook the design, implementation and evaluation of Weavr, a companion app that allows audiences to consume data-driven insights during and around esports broadcasts.

Authoring Interactive Fictional Stories in Object Based Media (OBM) introduces a conceptual model that provides a framework for the understanding, design and development of OBM productions. The paper presents ‘Cutting Room’, an authoring toolkit able to operationalise the proposed model, and provides an evaluation of What is Love, an OBM interactive film produced by Symbolism Media using the Cutting Room toolkit.

The University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media is also represented at the conference. The paper, Conceptualizing Augmented Reality Television for the Living Room, is led by the University of Suceava, Romania and written in collaboration with the University of Manchester, UK; the University of Lisbon, Portugal; and BBC R&D. The paper received an Honorable Mention at the conference. 

Click on the links below to watch the online presentations.

Data-driven Audience Experiences

Object Based Media

Conceptualizing Augmented Reality TV for the Living Room