Published 2 March 2022

DC Labs releases Cutting Room as an open-source project

DC Labs has open-sourced Cutting Room, an authoring toolkit for creating interactive narratives. Released under an Apache 2.0 licence, the move aims to facilitate further advances in the field of Object-Based Media (OBM). 

Cutting Room presents an intuitive and highly effective process for creating interactive stories for film, television and other audio-visual media. It enables producers to test and refine OBM content from concept through to deployment and remove much of the legwork of developing interactive narratives.

The ‘objects’, such as audio and video clips, graphics, text and music can be structured into interactive, multidimensional story worlds that, when experienced, automatically adapt to the viewer’s circumstances, preferences and devices. Cutting Room provides a comprehensive set of functionalities, offering a unique tool with unprecedented power of expression.

Originally conceived in partnership with BBC R&D, Cutting Room has been used to produce interactive films including What is Love (Ben Reid, 2018), Brooke Leave Home (Jonathan Hook et al, 2019), and Stepping Through (Simona Manni, 2021). The toolkit also featured at the UK House showcase, part of SXSW 2021. 

Professor Marian Ursu, Director of DC Labs at the University of York comments, “We have released Cutting Room as an open source resource in the spirit of collaboration and innovation. We hope that fellow pioneers in the field will pick up the baton and use our work to take another step forward in interactive storytelling.”

Access the code today on Github.