Published 2 March 2021

DC Labs Summer School 2021

DC Labs Summer School is an exciting opportunity for students to work with academics and developers at the cutting edge of digital creativity research for nine weeks. Now in its sixth year, the 2021 Summer School will be run remotely.

You will be working with researchers and developers to research emerging issues in digital creativity, design and develop new apps, or explore new ways of using technology.

To find out more about the value of the summer school projects watch this short video

The Projects

Please see the list of projects below.  Please note, at the time of posting (31st March) we have a couple more projects we are still working on, which will be uploaded w/c 12th April.

  1. Personalising Cancer, Fertility & Me: An Individually-tailored Decision Support Aid for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer
  2. Generating Stylised Game Assets using Generative Adversarial Networks
  3. The development of a self-reflective ‘Magic Triangle’ tool
  4. Salt on the Screen: an informative digital showcase of historic salt production in Lincolnshire
  5. Learning to analyse traffic patterns in developing countries using a neural network
  6. Using state-of-the-art encryption to gain new insights from video game data
  7. Dopamine Myths: Scraping Current Media Discourse on Dopamine and Technology Addiction
  8. Mapping Mixed-Initiative Creative Interfaces: How Can Humans and AI Collaborate in Creative Practice?
  9. Responsive Narratives: Analysis of Methods for Interactive Storytelling Design
  10. AI Futures: a quantitative survey of use and experience of AI
  11. Storying Visitor Experiences through Weather Sayings
  12. Architexture IV:  Creating new audience-centric musical performance through virtual acoustic technology


All students who are committed to a course of study at an undergraduate, masters, or PhD level in the following year are eligible.  This is not limited to University of York students.

It is important to consider that you should be available for 9 weeks over the summer break.  Most projects will take place between Monday 5th July - Friday 3rd Sept, however there is some flexibility on this.  

You should also be able to work remotely, i.e. you should have access to computer equipment and somewhere to work.   If the projects require specific skills e.g. experience of Unity, then you should have access to equipment which can be used for this.  Please do get in touch if you want to discuss any equipment requirements.

You will need to have the right to work in the UK (e.g. a UK Passport) and be based in the UK for the duration of the Summer School.  Unfortunately, we aren’t able to accommodate students working from overseas for any length of time due to the additional tax and insurance implications.  

Summer School Programme

The Summer School programme is a full-time internship (37 hours per week), paid at £329 per week plus holiday pay.  This is in line with the National Living Wage.

If you and your supervisor decide you wish to travel to York for part of the summer school (depending on the restrictions at the time and project requirements), financial assistance will be given for travel expenses to and from York.  If you do not already have accommodation in York, we will also pay an accommodation allowance for that period.

How to Apply

You will need to provide, as one PDF document:

  • Your CV (maximum of 2 pages)
  • A brief personal statement (maximum of 1 page) including:
    • Which project you are interested in
    • Your reasons for applying
    • Your academic interest
    • Your future aspirations
  • A written academic reference (not just contact details). Your application will not be accepted without this reference (maximum of 1 page).
  • Your available dates (and any dates you are not available, or not in the UK)

Send these via e-mail as one PDF document to  The deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 10th May 2021.

Please note that your information will be made available to potential supervisors at the University of York and that by applying you consent to this.

If your referee would prefer to send the reference separately, they can do so to the email address above but we ask you to co-ordinate with your referee to ensure that the application and reference arrive more or less together. We cannot consider applications that are incomplete after the deadline has passed.

There will be no interview process.  Selection will be made based on the application and reference.