Published 25 April 2018

My Favourite Games

We love games in DC Labs and knowing the variety of options that are out there, we feel it's part of our mission to show that there are so many more options than the first person shooters, or the “three in a row” sweet-crushing saga type games that people come across so easily. Games are evolving as a form of entertainment and there are hundreds of innovative, creative and exciting games out there to wow you!

Here are just a few of my favourites…

The DC Labs most recommended game is definitely Monument Valley, (only available on iOS (iphone/ ipad)). It’s a really beautiful puzzle game, with amazing, Escher-style architecture which you navigate your way around, creating links using different perspectives in 3D. It is definitely an immersive experience, and playing it shows what’s possible with games as art. You can complete it in a few hours – so, like a good book, you can allow yourself that treat of getting really immersed and not worry about it seeping into the rest of your life (except to recommend it wholeheartedly to others).

Another, very different, game which we loved playing is Her Story (available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android). Her Story bridges the idea of games and film – and is a great example of non-linear storytelling – a research theme in DC Labs. On starting Her Story you are presented with a database of video clips, five of which have been accessed using the search term “Murder”. The clips are sections of a police interviews with Hannah, after the disappearance of her husband. Using your own detective work you search through the videos and try to piece together what has happened. What I love about this game is the innovative way of accessing information in a non-linear way, figuring out what on earth happened and what search terms will give you access to the other clips. As the story unfolds you get drawn in, wanting to know more.  

A game I got very engrossed with last year is Thomas Was Alone (available on Windows, Mac, iOS and playstation). A really simple looking platform game, with a lead character, Thomas, who is a red rectangle. The narrative unfolds as Thomas, initially on his own, works his way through the levels, meeting friends (other colours of rectangles) who have different skills needed to complete the levels. The friends need to work together to help each other complete the level. What keeps this game going and really interesting is the narrative associated with each of the friends. It’s quite beautiful and engaging and really brings out the importance of respecting people for the unique strengths they bring to a team.

Another simple game – easy to pick up and put down – and quite addictive – is Mini Metro (available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android).  In Mini Metro you build metro lines to connect tube stations, ferrying the different shapes to the correct shaped station before they get too overcrowded. As you connect the lines, more stations appear, and as you transport more people you get given more trains and carriages to expand so it is a constant balancing act making sure there are enough trains on your current lines and figuring out how to extend. What’s most beautiful about this game is the way the audio builds in the background as people appear, trains and lines get built, each one adds another layer to the soundtrack.

Feeling inspired?  Give a new game a try and see what you think.  We are sure you'll be surprised and tempted into playing even more.