Published 27 November 2019

Weavr takes its next step forward into the world of immersive technology

Experts from DC Labs have helped the Weavr consortium to reach a major new milestone in the world of immersive technology.

The technology platform, unveiled to thousands of esports enthusiasts at ESL One Hamburg in October 2019, provides fans with high-fidelity predictive data analytics, accurate forecasts in real-time, and unique insights into player performance courtesy of a mobile app and virtual reality experience.

For the first time ever, the consortium made the app available for public download on the Google Play Store. It was downloaded and used by fans watching in the arena as well as those following the matches from home. And in another first, the consortium broadcast live in virtual reality to some of the ESL Play community in the UK.

The consortium were thrilled with the reaction from fans and talent alike, and were delighted to see broadcast analysts in Hamburg starting to use the Weavr dashboard which helped them to formulate their narrative. Of those who downloaded the app, 82% used it on a repeated basis, clearly showing how useful a tool it is for fans wanting to know more about the performance of players and teams as well as win predictions.

The updated app and introduction of virtual reality into the platform represents a major step forward towards the consortium’s goal of creating a truly immersive and highly personalised experience for esports fans.

James Dean, ESL UK CEO, commented: “We said at the start of this project that we wanted to move away from linear ‘one-for-all’ coverage towards hyper-personalised experiences. Here at Hamburg we have just taken a huge step towards reaching that goal. Experiences are tailored to each viewer’s interests, they are fully interactive, and provide individualised insights into matches in real-time.

And it’s not just fans here in Hamburg who have been impressed; people have also been downloading the app from home. The feedback we have received both here in Hamburg and further afield has been fantastic, and we are already planning for the next stage at ESL One Birmingham which takes place next year.”

Whilst in Hamburg, the consortium conducted detailed research with fans and feedback will be incorporated into the future development of the platform.

Currently, the app will only be fully compatible at selected live events where the Weavr team are present, but can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free at

As a member of the ESL-led Weavr consortium, DC Labs is providing world-class expertise in artificial intelligence/advanced machine learning and data analytics to help transform the way fans experience esports. 

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