Álvaro Cáceres Muñoz

GUI Technical Manager
Digital Creativity Labs
University of York

Álvaro's background in computer science (Carlos III University of Madrid, University of Nottingham), as well as classical music (Getafe professional conservatory of music in Madrid) has led him to researching human-computer interaction for creative means: computer music, game design, mixed / cross reality, and assistive technologies.

In 2019, he worked as an associate lecturer in interactive media at the Department of Film, Television and Interactive Media (University of York), teaching game development and advanced interaction technologies.

In 2020, Álvaro presented BachTracking (a programming language for classical musicians) at the International Conferences in Live Coding. He also created a VR / web game with Lidia Álvarez (TFTI) about cathedral acoustics for 2020's York Researchers Night and the York Festival of Ideas.

Álvaro's current work with DC Labs involves the GUI re-design of Cutting Room, an object-based media tool to create non-linear films and series.