Dr Claire Ingram

Researcher, Computer Science
Computer Science
University of York

Claire's background is in Computer Science, with an MSc & PhD in CS from Newcastle University. She has a strong interest in the intersection between systems engineering and computer science and has worked in commercial and academic sectors, specialising in software and system design and in technology innovation.  

Her PhD examined design and requirements engineering in software development. As a postdoctoral researcher she worked on the COMPASS project, where she evaluated new systems engineering methods designed to model systems of systems. She also supported collaborative projects that developed tools and methods for developers and engineers to co-operate in the early design stages of cyber-physical systems.  

As part of the Road2CPS project she was part of an international team that worked with practitioners and researchers from a variety of sectors to deliver a strategic research agenda for Cyber-Physical Systems research in Europe. She is a member of the International Council of Systems Engineering (INCOSE), and an active contributor to INCOSE's Systems of Systems Working Group. 

At DC Labs Claire is researches technology innovation and commercialisation, with a particular interest in product design.