Dr Federico Reuben

Associate Professor
Department of Music
University of York

Federico Reuben is a composer, performer, sound artist and researcher at the University of York’s Music Department, where he leads the Technologies for Musical Creativity Group (TMCG) and is a member of the Music, Science and Technology Research Cluster (MSTRC) and the Contemporary Music Research Centre (CMRC). 

Federico specialises in developing new technologies for musical creativity utilising integrated and interdisciplinary approaches that combine artistic, scientific and engineering methods with a critical understanding of musical practice, listening conventions, and socio-musical relations. He is interested in how technology can aid, enhance and facilitate creativity in musical practice, as well as in understanding and computationally modelling musical creativity.

His creative work has been presented, performed and broadcast internationally and featured at leading music and art festivals. He has written instrumental, vocal and mixed media compositions; created sound and robotic installations, internet-based work, interactive and multimedia performances; designed live coding environments, generative music systems and online musical platforms; collaborated with a large range of artists and researchers in cross-arts and interdisciplinary work; and performed as a computer musician with world-leading performers.

At the DC Labs, Federico is interested in developing new systems for music generation for nonlinear content, where audio is generated procedurally, grounded in psychologically validated models of the perceived emotional content of music.