Dr Hauke Egermann

Associate Professor in Music Psychology
Department of Music
University of York

Hauke’s research is focused on the effects of music and sound, audience research, and the application of this research to music practice and the development of music and media technology.

Specifically, he is interested in understanding emotional responses to music, embodied music cognition, audience research, statistical modelling of music experience, and the ability of music to communicate emotion and meaning. 

His research has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and anthologies and has often received media attention. He has lead and contributed to various international research projects (selection):

• Experimental Concert Research (Volkswagen Foundation, 2019-2021)  

• Artist-to-Business-to-Business-to-Consumer Audio Branding System ABCDJ (EU Horizon 2020 ICT 19.a, 2016-2018)

• Interaction between Aesthetic Judgement and Emotional Processing of Contemporary Music (University Pump Funding, 2016-2017) 

• Design, Development and Dissemination of New Musical Instruments 3DMIN (Einstein Foundation Berlin, 2013-2016)

At DC Labs, Hauke is interested in developing new systems for music generation for nonlinear content, where audio is generated procedurally, grounded in psychologically validated models of the perceived emotional content of music.