Dr Jenn Chubb

Research Fellow
XR Stories
University of York

Jenn is a researcher interested in the ethics and impact of science and technology.  During her time with DC Labs, she led the AI Futures project - a qualitative project examining the societal implications of AI for humanity.

Jenn is now a researcher with XR Stories with expertise in ethics, AI, narratives, public perception, the impact of science and science policy.

Jenn has researched responsibility in science, integrity and ethics across a range of domains such as education, health, music, creative industries. Jenn recently researched the ethics of conversational AI for children's storytelling for XR Stories. Jenn's fellowship primarily focuses on the ethical and responsible development of AI technologies for the creative industries and storytelling as sense-making AI. Jenn's background is in philosophy and social science.

Jenn has a keen interest in collaborative work of an interdisciplinary nature often working across all disciplinary boundaries.  She also has over 12 years’ teaching and training experience in Higher Education and is currently supervising a PhD about the impact of live music venues.


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