Dr Victoria Hodge

Computer Science
University of York

Victoria is currently a senior researcher on an Innovate UK project to detect anomalies in streamed sensor data using artificial intelligence (AI) and to use these data coupled with deep learning (AI) to guide a drone to the anomaly. The software will allow monitoring of infrastructure and environments, and search & rescue.

Victoria's background is in AI, machine learning and data analytics. After completing a PhD in Information Retrieval using Neural Networks at the University of York, Victoria has worked on a broad range of research projects. She has applied her knowledge of AI, machine learning and data analytics to benefit fraud detection, decision support for road traffic analytics, anomaly detection in wireless sensor networks and a web-based portal for users to run compute-intensive research.

Victoria recently worked on the NEMOG project at University of York, analysing sustainable business models for digital games, investigating the issues around gathering data and developed algorithms to mine the data for societal impact and scientific research. She also worked in a team of software developers to produce an analytics platform for esports data including an AI tool for win prediction in esports matches.

Victoria has worked in industry as a software developer on applications including: condition monitoring in industrial environments, anomaly detection in large-scale time-series data sets, and deep learning for robot navigation and recommender systems.