Liam Maloney

Postdoctoral Researcher and Associate Lecturer
Digital Creativity Labs
University of York

Liam is a postdoctoral researcher and associate lecturer interested in music and its role in everyday life.

Currently, Liam is working on the ‘Music Creation and Emotional Content’ project. The project aims to develop a system that predicts the emotional content of musical sequences in real time to support composers and producers working across a range of storytelling mediums.

The project performs the exploratory groundwork leading to the development of new emotionally-aware soundtracking systems where audio is generated procedurally.

His PhD research explored the interplay between listening and self-selected goals from a socio-musicological perspective. His thesis examines how these factors can be categorised and exploited in everyday listening to aid with contextual goals. His work has been presented internationally and published in respected peer-reviewed journals.

Liam’s wider research interests concern electronic dance music history and LGBTQ+ music-based subcultures, as well as a range of interdisciplinary collaborations, the politics of sampling, and the physicality of vinyl records and their role as part of a popular music historiography.