Prof Alex Wade

Department of Psychology
University of York

Alex is a Professor in the University’s Department of Psychology with research interests in the neuroscience of vision, neuro-imaging and visual cognition in health and disease. He also conducts research into the psychology of gaming and explores how a better understanding of avatar identities and behaviours can be harnessed to increase individual and social wellbeing.

His recent project, What's in an online game name? found the names gamers choose for themselves reveal a lot about a player’s personality. He spent three years deep-mining data from one of the world’s most successful tactical multi-player games, League of Legends. Working with the game’s designers, Riot Games, Alex and his team found that user names have a bit more to them than just a random assortment of words and numbers. As well as helping Riot curb the excesses of the game’s more anti-social elements, his insights could also have more far-reaching applications.

He is Director of the Centre for Future Health.