Tobias Palma Stade

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
DC Labs
University of York

Tobias is a Chilean-Italian scholar, filmmaker, writer, and storyteller. He has recently finished a PhD by creative practice at the University of York where he worked on a hands-off, instinct-based interactive model for cinematic virtual reality.

Before coming to York, Tobias worked as a freelance filmmaker in Chile, mostly in the music industry and in collaboration with artists from diverse disciplines. He also worked as an academic researcher specialized in arts audiences and is a published author of the novel Santiago Underland, released in Spanish in 2015.

Currently, Tobias is collaborating as a PDRA on a joint project between DC Labs and the Council for British Archaeology, and teaching in TFTI as a GTA in storytelling related modules.

Tobias is also preparing a post-doctoral project in which he intends to explore acoustic augmented reality, and grassroots and collaborating storytelling.

Tobias's research interests include everything related to storytelling and innovation in media. More specifically, participatory practices in audio-visual media, participatory and collaborative storytelling, post-human condition in the arts, interactive storytelling, post-colonial narratives, practice-based research, interdisciplinary approaches to creativity and research, among others.