AI Futures: a quantitative survey of use and experience of AI

AI is ubiquitous and it can change the world but such changes could be profound. 

Central to our research is identifying the opportunities posed by a future with AI by exploring the social and ethical implications of AI. To do that, we explore what we (an inclusive public, policy makers, technologists) actually want from AI and digital technology and what the future looks and feels like when we have it. AI Futures aims to optimise our awareness of the positive impact of AI and the future of humanity by gathering rigorous narratives about its implications for digital creativity.

The aim of this summer school project is to design and deliver a quantitative survey of AI policy makers and technologists and analyse the preliminary data to explore the use and experience of AI by a range of stakeholders.

The summer school project will form part of the ongoing AI Futures (AIF) project, a major DC Labs research endeavour that ultimately aims to inform policy and identify potential avenues for future, socially beneficial AI research. 

Working across the social sciences and computer science, the AIF team is gathering data from interviews and future scenario workshops with leading academics, decision makers and thought-leaders to explore expert views of AI and to deepen the potential for further research and collaboration. The work has led to a separate AI R&D project about AI and children’s storytelling, funded by XR Stories.

The survey will pose questions about attitudes towards dominant narratives about AI, attitudes about future possibilities, and potential benefits of AI. It will ask about ethical issues concerning AI futures, who benefits from AI research, and how we work towards a path toward beneficial AI. 


Dr Jenn Chubb, Department of Computer Science
Dr Darren Reed, Department of Sociology