Creative Media for Theatre and Performance

Theatre has been a fundamental means of communicating stories to audiences in cultures across the world for millennia and is a major part of the UK’s creative landscape. Digital technology has the potential to enhance the creation and enjoyment of live theatre, for example by revealing the additional layers of creativity at work underneath our on-stage view of a live performance. Theatres are keen to connect with younger audiences, who, as 'digital natives', have a different understanding of the connectedness between live content and digital forms of interaction and communication.

This project is working with touring theatre companies and venues to understand how creative digital technology can add value, develop audiences and shift perspectives of live performance to deliver a new and engaging experience that lasts long after the final curtain has closed. We are working with our partners to understand how, for example, digital companion content could be created and delivered to audiences to give them greater insight into the production process and engage them more fully into the story and performance they have come to see. We are also interested in how traditional live performance and narratives change as digital technology becomes more integral to the writing, devising, and delivery of live events.

Initial work has produced a Virtual Box-Office demonstration, which enables potential audience members to experience the sound and view of their seat position via an online viewer, building on the team’s expertise in spatial audio and virtual reality. This prototype will be used to develop wider interest and scope requirements and the business case for a commercial product.