DiNAR; Digital Narratives for Archaeology and Heritage

In partnership with York Museums Trust, DiNAR created an exhibition that integrated immersive VR with narrative experiences of the Viking Great Army Torksey Winter Camp (#VikingVR). The scenes included elements of Norse mythology and contemporary storytelling.

Outreach and evaluation activities were carried out during the course of the exhibition to examine how far VR can be used for interpretation of archaeological research, and to develop more informed and creative uses of VR technology for public engagement with new research in the cultural heritage sector. The VR experience was developed with ease of use and cost of equipment in mind, alongside considerations about future re-use and extension. Several digital resources were released under open license during the exhibition to extend the impact of the VikingVR beyond the walls of the Yorkshire Museum.

The adoption of digital technologies such as virtual and mixed reality has high potential for museums and heritage organisations, providing them the opportunity to reach new audiences and explain the stories behind their exhibits in engaging and innovative ways.

The DiNAR project aimed to transform the use of VR in GLAMs, building capacity and sustainable strategies for the production of 3D experiences and to build awareness amongst museum visitors.


Photo credits to Dr Guy Schofield and Dr Nicole Beale