Esports Audience Response System (EARS)

A collaboration between DC Labs and BetaJester that aims to transform audience and streamer experiences is now entering the second phase of development.

The Esports Audience Response System (EARS) will present novel ways to engage with the streaming community via a mobile app that can be used alongside live videogame streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

EARS will enable esports streamers to create audience polls and use real-time data to interpret analytics, enhancing audience experiences through the generation of dynamic content.

The system will also highlight new player strategies directly to the streamer, providing insights that might otherwise be missed.

With the first stage of the project focused on exploring and developing the technology, this second phase aims to develop an advanced EARS prototype. This includes developing the back end infrastructure to collect and store vast amounts of data and engaging with esports streamers.

The project team is planning to gather feedback on what functionality streamers find useful, and how they might expect to engage with the new technology.

The team also aims to undertake a trial run of the prototype in a mock-up setting, to determine how users interact with the technology.