With its remarkable historic heritage, York experiences many urban challenges, such as high crowd density and congestion at peak times, as a result of high tourist numbers. GAMBIT aims to assist city services, including attractions, retail, and transport, using a smartphone app that integrates existing data from the city management platform with real-time data gathered from the user.

The app will allow the city to influence the behaviour of the visitors through gamification to mitigate these issues and create a better experience for both visitors and residents.

The smartphone app will guide visitors to under-utilised attractions based on relevant real-time information, enticing behavioural change and allowing them to use the city more intelligently. This will have a positive effect on safety, security and environmental parameters throughout York, e.g. reduction of peak-time congestion. In a two-way communication flow, gathered data will be fed back to optimise city services. Local businesses are also supported, e.g., by offering online vouchers or prizes within the game, having geo-localised the players. This project will efficiently and harmoniously enhance the city experience and services for both visitors and residents.

The project is funded by Innovate UK, and is led by Virtual Viewing, with DC Labs providing expertise on data analytics and gamification.