Human-AI Co-Creativity

Creativity is widely held to be the vestige of ‘true,’ non-automatable human intelligence. However, today we see a groundswell of artificial intelligence (AI) systems producing films, articles, portraits, songs, or games. This is partly enabled by a new paradigm of mixed-initiative or co-creative AI, in which AI is not a mere tool or the sole heroic author, but human and AI engage in a true creative dialogue. The rise of creative AI raises old fears of job automation and a loss of craft and authenticity in an area thought immune to automation, but also promises new, democratised forms of creativity. Maybe most importantly, it exposes and transforms our conceptions, practices, and institutions of human creativity.

DC Labs is bringing together researchers across creative practices, AI, Human Computer Interaction, humanities and the social sciences to explore what forms of human-AI co-creativity are possible and valuable, what technical advances it requires, and how it illuminates and reshapes human creativity.

Through a shared process of critical making, they will answer basic questions of our algorithmic societies like: How we ascribe agency and interpret meaning in human-AI joint action? How do we attribute rights and responsibilities? How can co-creative AI augment not replace creative practitioners and upskill not deskill novices?

We will investigate how human-AI can empower more people to participate better and more fully in creative practices and the creative industries.