Improving the development of interactive story-driven games

DC Labs is using AI/machine learning to help games developer, Revolution Software, accelerate the generation of layouts for adventure games, including the BAFTA nominated Broken Sword series.   

Behind Revolution Software’s beautifully stylised genre of games are thousands of hand drawn assets. However, producing these assets is a complex and timely process. Enter DC Labs and generative adversarial networks (GANs).

Researchers at DC Labs are using GANs to supplement the work of the artist and enable style transfer to accelerate the game production process. GANs takes the content and style of one image, such as a painting, and applies it to the style of another, such as a photographic image. 

The technology will not replace the job of the artist, but in producing multiple variants of artist style sketches can significantly speed up the production process, and the time it takes for a game to reach the market.