New Economic Models and Opportunities in Digital Games

NEMOG brings together the UK digital games industry and scientists to explore opportunities and potentially unlock social, scientific, and economic benefits stemming from active video gameplay.

It aims to conduct a highly participative and wide-ranging study of directions and opportunities for growth and value generation in the UK digital games industry and specifically to answer the question "How can digital games contribute to advances in society and science in addition to economic impacts?"

Our investigations will lead to

  • concrete case studies of sustainable business models which realise scientific and social benefits,
  • tools for modelling the impact of changes in strategy and policy so social and scientific benefits can be realised in a changing economic landscape, and
  • software which yields socially and scientifically important information by mining the vast quantities of gameplay and purchasing data arising from online purchasing and gameplay.

To synthesize all the insights we have gained across the NEMOG project, we are expanding a holistic business model framework to include the effect of data analytics and the need for games companies to consider the value ecosystem of the entire industry and their place within it. This will produce data-driven business models.